How to be a Private Equity Backed CEO

Patrick Malcor
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If you're an executive with P&L leadership experience, the most exciting and rewarding next step you can take is to lead a private equity backed company as the CEO. Executives in PE backed companies operate at the elite level of career success & wealth creation.

David Bonderman, the founder of PE powerhouse Texas Pacific Group, once said that when executives learn how to win these top roles, “…no one in America will want to work for wages again.”

If you have ever dreamed of not only the top job but of being an equity owner in the company you lead, this guide will show you how to get there.

The fact is, there isn't just one route to the most coveted job in the business world. The private equity industry has evolved to the point where there are multiple realistic approaches for experienced, entrepreneurial executives depending on your circumstances and goals. 

This guide to How to Be a Private Equity Backed CEO will show you:

  • How to position yourself to be actively recruited by PE firms and executive search firms in your industry

  • How to engineer a management buyout with full support from your shareholders and outside PE partners

  • How to buy your own company as an acquisition entrepreneur and what to avoid at all costs

Plus more details on compensation structures, how PE firms think and how to work with them to align your incentives for maximum gain, how to network for deals, creating a compelling LinkedIn profile, developing your deal thesis, and a lot more.

This is guide is written for executives that have at least some leadership experience in their careers and will show you how to leverage that for tremendous impact. The information is enough for you to take action immediately toward your goals for success as a PE backed CEO. Start today!

  • PDF guide to becoming a PE backed CEO

  • Size
    1.76 MB
  • Length
    51 pages
  • PDF guide to becoming a PE backed CEO
  • Size1.76 MB
  • Length51 pages
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How to be a Private Equity Backed CEO

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